The TaTa Top


Here is a bikini top you might see on the beach this summer, keep calm and carry on. Although this bikini top or the TaTa Top, as the creators name it, is made in a way to shock and surprise you, the cause is way bigger than just a hilarious prank.

This top is made to advert for feminist ideas. In some states in the US it is illegal for a woman to walk topless while men are free to do so. TaTa Top tackles this equality problem.  The creators Robyn and Michelle Lytle stated in the TaTa Top Website that “it is great to create a product that makes you laugh but it is even better to be able to do something very serious with that success”.


TaTa Top is undeniably ridiculous, wear it and have a laugh or get attention or you can wear it and do good.  Because beyond the equality statement the TaTa Top is supporting Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation.

For a $28 you can get this bikini top with different tones. Check out their shop.

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 09.05.01



2 thoughts on “The TaTa Top

  1. Parece que le has dedicado un gran esfuerzo a realizar
    este articulo y a mi me ha gustado mucho, por lo que me he animado a escribir para felicitarte..

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