Lingerie from Environmentally Conscious Materials, Debbie Allison

Designed by Debbie Allison for her graduation project, a collection of ten playful and slightly quirky garments made from sustainably sourced and environmentally conscious materials.  The designer incorporated colourful embroidery into the design to give a sense of fashion to the sustainable and environmentally friendly lingerie.

Here are some of Debbie’s designs, which were also shown in the School of Textiles and Design Fashion show 2014.

AllisonD_FashionShowImage PJR_0046Debbie Final collection0026 PJR_0131Debbie Final collection0099 PJR_0186Debbie Final collection0143 PJR_0254Debbie Final collection0206 PJR_0416Debbie Final collection0333 PJR_0473Debbie Final collection0367 PJR_0534Debbie Final collection0411 PJR_0542Debbie Final collection0417 PJR_0544Debbie Final collection0419


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