Ying Gao, Project title: “British fashion brand AllSaints and its China market”.

Research Purpose

With fierce competition between high street brands, the  retailer needs to distinguish itself from others through utilizing different strategies and creating a different brand image. However, most of the high street brands use similar strategies to compete with their rivals: offering reasonable price; providing good quality; following contemporary fashion trends; using a fast fashion model; adopting designer collaborations; launching innovation products; etc. Few are like British leading fashion brand AllSaints. The researcher  attempts to investigate and analyze AllSaints’ brand value, market position, target consumer, mission, product, strategies and its Chinese market.


Research Findings and Limitations

AllSaints is a British high street brand adopting a design–oriented strategy; and it is not like other high street brands using a fast fashion model.
‘Attitude’ is AllSaints’ core value; and the spirits of the brand are: independent thinking, creative innovation, freedom, rebellion and individuality. Right now, denim, leather jacket and footwear are AllSaints’ advantage categories. Young adults and the young middle-­‐aged group are AllSaints’ target consumer. The company uses ‘digital lens’ to communicate with its consumers and capture its brand DNA; Moreover, AllSaints establish its Pop-­‐up  ‘Experimental Hub’ to test its concept operating in 2013. At the moment, the company has entered the UK and Channel Islands market, the European market, the American market and the Canadian market through establishing stand-­‐alone stores and concessions. Company CEO William Kim claims that they will start its Asian business in 2014 and make AllSaints a $1billion global business.

The main drawback that arises in this article is limited resource; the study was based on limited secondary resource and incomplete first hand data. However, this study has provided good insight, and established the platform for future studies.


For more information about the research you can contact Ying on:

Ying Gao

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