Wanfei He, Project title: “Weave the Space”

Wanafei’s project is to create an interior installation made of woven 3-Dimensional fabrics.  The structure formed by yarns and gaps will transmit the outside word and light to the viewer in the space.   The sight of the viewer is covered by distorted yarns and other materials because of the watching angle. The unbalanced scene will arouse the viewer’s feelings strongly and thus demonstrating the motion of materials.

paper curtain


The designer used the materials to connect people with nature when using the objects.  The designer used the natural dyes and natural fibers to implements her aesthetics and concepts. The natural materials were the initial aspects; they are the aspects which could arouse the emotion of people most.  On the use of the yarns in her structure, Wanfei wrote: “ Yarn is the key element in the process to connect nature with fabric because yarn contains some features of the fibre and is easy to form and to arrange. By working with yarn I associate nature with fabric. Afterwards to move to the next level, I expand the association to home or interior space. This concept is supposed to makes people judge textile from a slightly different angle and has a first impression from seeing and touching the yarn”.

3-D woven piece linen

Research Background

3-D warp

Inspired by the architect Kengo Kuma, who designs fantastic architectures based on local culture and materials, the designer aims was to use textiles to build a link between people and nature by means of comfortable spaces that offer special living experience.

Project Applications

The research outcomes are installations or curtains people could see, touch and live with.  And since there is no problem with producing big installations from either small or big units, these installations can be used as curtains or interior decorations especially in public space such as restaurants or show rooms.

jute curtain raffia woven piece woollen strip pedant 01 woollen strip pedant 02 woven structure paper

For more information about the research you can contact the designer:

Wanfei He

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