Kaitlynn E-A Smith, the role of plus-sized women in fashion magazines

The designer aims to discover the role of plus-sized women in fashion magazines, she emphasizes on ways print media echo societal views on body image and thin VS fat ideals.



img012 img013 img021

Fat can be gained or shed the same way one changes clothing. The comparison alludes to the plus-size fashion market where a demand for equality and acceptance exists alongside demand for clothing but is not represented in magazines.

Research and output

The designer depends on interviews, surveys, articles, publications and internet resources in her research methods. Practical work is mainly comprised of paper crafting. Through digital and hands on work, experimentations were executed through pop-ups, 3D forms, and cover page manipulations. The punk aesthetic was established as the plus-size woman’s role in magazines correlates to the punk’s role in society: the outcasts. Confrontational, non-conformist and bricolage visuals symbolize the project’s process and the uneven journey from self-hate to self-love.

DSC02609 IMG_3895

For more information about the research you can contact the designer:

Kaitlynn E-A Smith

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