Designer Annie Evelyn creates weird and wonderful seats

Designer Annie Evelyn from New Colony Furniture creates weird and wonderful seats using a technique she developed herself. Her “upholstered” chairs are made from hard materials but can be “squished” to provide for comfy seating. Her latest design, the Scotty Chair, is an elegant outdoor seat made from reclaimed Cypress wood.

The designer has been developing the ‘squishy’ upholstery technique since she was a student. Evelyn is known for her ‘tongue-in-cheek’ designs – she also created the so-called ‘impolite chair’ with a built-in whoopee cushion, and a minute chair called ‘Sit on My Finger’ which you wear as a ring.

Although, at first, the Squishy Chair looks terribly uncomfortable with its presumed hard and stiff-looking surface, suitable only as a showpiece, be prepared for a total surprise – the chair’s seat and back feel like soft and comfy cushions that give way when pressure is applied. By using the self-invented upholstering technique, the designer is able to make incredibly tough materials, like tiles and cracked cement, into remarkably comfortable seating. The Squishy Chair has a fanciful organic appeal while its supposed discomfort is only an illusion.

The collection of Squishy Chairs was debuted at 2013 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF).






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