Sleep Talker by Alex Dodge

The Sleep Talker dream interface is an experimental prototype offering a means for two or more users to interact while in similar sleep states or as a means of broadcasting one’s unconscious experience within a specialized social network.

The device monitors the user’s brainwaves, heartbeat, and environmental audio. Once connected to a PC the Sleep Talker client software identifies the user’s dorment state us- ing the electrodes imbedded in the Sleep Cap. When the software detects synchronous or compatible dream sleep it attempts to pair with either a predesignated user over the internet or automatically to an available user within the Sleep Talker social network. In group mode multiple users can form dream clusters defined by specific criteria or a single user can designate their feed as broadcast-only for others to listen to.

The various data feeds, including EEG, pulse, Galvanic skin response, and audio (in the form of actual “sleep talking” or environmental sound) are modulated into a realtime audio visual feed and played back via the integrated headphones and Sleep Mask forming a reciprocal link or “dialog” between the users.

The Sleep Talker social network, based loosely on conventional social networking mod- els, can also be observed by the wakeful in a passive/interpretive mode wherein multiple dream feeds can be viewed in realtime offering a new social analytical tool with such features as geographic and signal filtering as well as speech to text searchablilty. As with most existing social network sites the users in the Sleep Talker social network can set their personal privacy level as desired.843850584784345803462666745Untitled-1738420891677270038


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