Pseudomorph by Anouk Wipprecht

Pseudomorph literally means ‘false form’. Anouk designed towards systems that can make subtle transformations in order to let a design recreate itself. The neck-piece works with pneumatic control valves and an pressure and control system that allows the ink to be pumped throughout the design and spreads the ink over a series of absorbing dresses in a uncontrolled matter, making the designs to ‘bleed’ the ink that is given to them.

“Ink can be a complex medium, composed out of hundreds of materials like solvents, pigments, dyes and so on. My aim is to create a system that makes this ink come to life.” A structure may be covered in fluids that alter the original specimen into a new material, this process is called Pseudomorphing in mineralogy. Creating illusions around the body, on fabrics and between surfaces that makes it magical to look at, or interesting to be with. To recreate itself based on the body heat of the wearer. Little patterns that start to appear as soon as the design moves. The beauty of something flowing or floating, covering the body in unusual shapes. Subtle breathing, pulsing, living; organic creatures. The aesthetic essence of what clothing should be; interesting to look at.

Anouk: “Though technology will increasingly be a part of our lives, I did not want to make a statement towards technology that controls us. But by technology that helps us bond with our own selves again. This notion was the stimulus for me to create a little narrative where tech and humans eventually merge to exist in symbiosis.”

Pseudomorph contains:

  •  valves,
  • custom designed circuit board
  • elastomeric pumps (pressure pumps)
  • 9V battery
  • felt (textile)
  • ink



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