3D Printing and Fashion

3D printing is the technology of building a solid three-dimensional object form a previously built model.  The 3D printing depends on adding layer after layer to construct the object.  It is opposite of the traditional machining techniques such as lathing or drilling, in which removing the materials takes place to get to the designed object.

After building the object model using the CAD programs, these files can be imported to the printer program as “.stl ” format. You can start heating the printing up ‘ as in the case of the printer in the video’ and position the parts on the plate in the direction you want.  Then start printing.

The use of 3D printing in fashion is increasing rapidly.  It is extended from the application in the accessories to fashion.  N12 is considered to be the first printed clothing, from nylon 12 the bikini was designed by Mary Huang and Jenna Fizel.  The bikini is water proof and flexible due to the unique structure that is made of thousands of circular plates attached with a string and it is made completely by 3D printing.

  N12-bikini-set-top N12-black_closeup
Another applications: The Nike Debute and Cubify.
Nike-3D-Cleat 3d-custom-show


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