The loom is a machine that creates the interlacement at right angle between two sets of yarns; warp, longwise the loom and weft crosswise.  Pit loom was the first loom in history, then the creation of the handloom was developed.  The power loom came next.  There are many changes occurred on the power loom to change it from non-automatic to semi-automatic to automatic looms that have all the basics mechanisms; let off, warp stop motion and weft changing mechanism.   Then the shuttle less weaving machine came to existence.


The warp (ends yarns) are wounded on the warp beam at the rare of the loom, then they pass through heddles and reed.  Filling (weft) insertion is done through the open shed between the reed and the fabric lay by means of a shuttle or other devices.  The woven fabric will be wounded into the fabric beam at the front of the loom.

Loom schematics
Loom schematics


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  1. The Jacquard loom, which is capable of weaving complex figurative patterns, is considered by many to be the first ‘computer’ in that a single machine was capable of being programmed to make many different fabric designs.

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