Zippers // Issam Yousef // August 2013

Zipper, zip, zipper fastener, zipper tape

A slide fastener used for binding two edges of an openings of fabric as on garments or a bag.  The helical slide fastener or the interlace-able teeth is fixed on the edges of a narrow woven or knitted fabric (zipper tape).

Zips might be coil or chain. In the Coil zipper the teeth are made of continues strands of nylon or polyester, which is twisted into a spiral when attached to the zipper tape.  A chain zipper has individual teeth, metal or plastic.

Coil and Chain

The best to use chain zippers with medium and heavy fabric because even light weight chain zipper can be rigid thus causing buckling on the light weight fabrics.

There are three types of zips (whether chain or coil);

Conventional zipper

Is the zipper when the two zipper tapes are open at the top and kept together at the bottom. They can come in different styles; neckline, skirt, dress, trouser, jeans.

Concealed zipper

These zippers disappear into the seam, this can be seen in dresses or skirts.

Open-end zipper

Are open at both, the top and the bottom, which allow the two edges of fabrics to be separated.  This is used in different styes; cardigan, jacket, anorak, sleeping bags, etc.


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