Fabric can be defined as;

Fabric: (Latin: fabrica) workshop or structure,

Textile: (latin: textilis) woven,

Cloth: (old English) piece of woven, felted or otherwise formed stuff,

Stuff: (Archaic) woven material of any kind.

A flexible assembly sheet of textile fibres and/or yarns that are woven, knitted, braided, netted, felted, plaited or otherwise bonded to give the sheet a mechanical strength. According to how yarns and fibers are assembled, forming fabrics can differ.


Figure (1) : Fabrics different structures, woven fabric (top left), knitted fabric (top right), braided fabric (middle left), sprang fabric (middle right), knotted fabric (bottom left) and nonwoven fabric (bottom right).


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Uttu-textiles.com // August 2013 // Issam Yousef.

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